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Veranstaltungsart Projekttutorium Veranstaltungsnummer 53751
Semester WiSe 2022/23 SWS 2
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Veranstaltungsstatus Freigegeben für Vorlesungsverzeichnis  Freigegeben  Sprache deutsch-englisch
Belegungsfristen - Eine Belegung ist online erforderlich IAAW-Nachfrist    17.10.2022 - 20.10.2022   
IAAW-Hauptfrist    07.07.2022 - 13.10.2022   
Veranstaltungsformat Präsenz


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Mo. 14:00 bis 16:00 wöch 17.10.2022 bis 13.02.2023  edison höfe - 507 Invalidenstraße 118 (I118) - (Unterrichtsraum)   findet statt     25
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Conte, Cecilia verantwortlich
Abschluss Studiengang LP Semester
Bachelor of Arts  Regionalst. Asien/Afrika Monobachelor ( Vertiefung: kein LA; POVersion: 2014 )   1 -  
Bachelor of Arts  Regionalst. Asien/Afrika Zweitfach ( Vertiefung: kein LA; POVersion: 2014 )   1 -  
Zuordnung zu Einrichtungen
Kultur-, Sozial- und Bildungswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften

"This project tutorial can count as the second component (seminar) for BA modules 3, 9 and 12, but no examinations can be held"


This project tutorial can count as the second component (seminar) for BA modules 3, 9 and 12, as well as ÜWP, but no examinations can be held

This project tutorial is concerned with the lives of things and the various research strands that deal with them. It draws from archaeology, anthropology, and philosophy as well as Science and Technology Studies. In the course of the seminar, we will explore different types of objects, object-related practices and object-places. The core teaching methods are object handling, museum visits, and object biographies. The historical and contemporary approaches to objects we will discuss range from historical to new materialism, and relational ontologies to Actor Network Theory.
At the core of these theoretical debates lies the (deconstruction of) the nature-culture dichotomy and its related object-subject division as well as a deep criticism of anthropocentric, Eurocentric, and colonial discourses. Therewith we are asking the question: if objects are defined anew, how do the subjects – humans – position themselves and in relation to their thing-environment?

Over the course of the semester the students will develop their own exhibition which will showcase the approaches we have experimented with.

Course requirements: 1 written object biography, 1 presentation and participation in the exhibition.

No prior knowledge is required. Students from all degrees with an interest in objects and museums are welcome. Tutorials will be held in English and/or German, depending on the participants’ requirements.


Die Veranstaltung wurde 7 mal im Vorlesungsverzeichnis WiSe 2022/23 gefunden:

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Unter den Linden 6 | D-10099 Berlin